Exploring the arts as an audience member

Story teller Norman Bailey gave a wonderful performance of Anansi brings stories to the world for Heartlands Arts Award Club.


Members reviewed Norman’s amazing performance for Part B of their Bronze Arts award. Here are a selection of their comments:

I liked the story and the magic bag because it was mysterious and the bag could make stuff appear and disappear. Ibrahim

I liked the acting and storytelling. He projected his voice to make it more interesting. Rokan

I learned that props can make storytelling more interesting and magic tricks are enticing because it leaves you asking questions. Honour

I would recommend it to others because he used his voice well, good facial expressions and really good body language. Abeni

I learned that to story-tell you need to move around and engage with the audience. Claudia

I learned that it is good to use props and different voices and not be scared to do funny voices and express ourselves. Abbie

The act was very moving and involved the audience which engaged them. Naushen

I liked the emotion in his tone of voice. I liked the way the magic catches people’s attention in a flash. Khadidja