HSS Heartlands Spring 2015: project outcomes

This High Street Stories project was commissioned by Heartlands High School as an intervention initially aimed at young people in Years 7-9 identified as below target in English and/or reluctant readers.  The project aimed to raise their motivation to read and their attainment in English.

An additional goal of the project was to prepare young people to gain Bronze Arts Award.

Motivation to read, improved confidence and transferable skills

Pre and post project evaluation showed that most students reported themselves to be as or more likely to read following the project. One student began to read Harry Potter books for the first time, after we used one in the project. Most students also indicated more positive attitudes to story-making and storytelling. Students also displayed improved confidence through their assessment of their own skills following the project.

Attainment in English

The school has been unable to evaluate the impact of the intervention on participants’ attainment in English at this point. Data about the reading choices of students suggest that most participating students continue to read books with reading age levels at or above their chronological age.

Arts Award

All students who attended the majority of project sessions were able to complete the evidence requirements for Bronze Arts Award and gained their qualification in November 2015.  Most of the students say they would like to do a Silver Arts Award project next.


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